True Voice Communications
Telling Authentic Stories to Achieve Your Goals


Getting the right messages to the right people 

True Voice Communications Can Help

True Voice Consulting helps organizations develop strategies to deliver their authentic voice to audiences in a meaningful way. This includes analyzing current communications efforts, developing and refining key messages, and creating comprehensive communications plans to move organizations forward.

True Voice offers senior-level consulting and expertise without the higher costs of large agencies. This allows non-profits, start-ups and smaller businesses an opportunity to benefit from seasoned communications guidance. While True Voice can offer services to a wide variety of organizations, areas of particular expertise include:

  • Health Care
  • Higher Education
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Politics and Community Engagement

Please note that True Voice does offer discounted fees for non-profit organizations.

Specific services include:

SWOT Analysis

True Voice can offer objective analysis of your organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This will include an examination of key competitors, differentiators, internal factors and external forces that may impact your strategies.

Reputation management

An organization's reputation is not built during a crisis. The hard work of building a reputation should happen before issues arise. True Voice can help you build your organization's culture and values from the inside out. This will form a solid foundation to help you anticipate and solve issues before they become a crisis. 

Key message development

Whether you are communicating to potential donors, news media, or simply explaining what you do to your friends or neighbors, it is important to have clear and compelling messages.  True Voice can help you develop your story so you can engage people in a meaningful way. We can also help you think through difficult questions to make sure you're ready to respond to any inquiries that might come your way.

Employee engagement strategies

Authentic organizations build themselves from the inside out. The culture they create internally provides the foundation for their external voice. We can help you assess your internal communications channels and messages and work with you to find ways to engage employees around your mission.

audience and channel evaluation

Knowing what you want to say is only part of the challenge. It's also important to determine who you need to engage and how to reach them. True Voice helps you analyze your key audiences and find the best ways to connect with them.

social media strategy

Not every social media outlet is right for every organization. It's important to make smart choices about how to reach your target audiences. We offer guidance about how to find the right channels and how to use those channels to yield engagement, rather than just noise.