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This blog will expand on the various pillars of True Voice Communications: Strategic Communications, Content Development, and Coaching.

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TEN7 Podcast

Recently my good friend, Ivan Stegic, interviewed me as a guest for his TEN7 podcast. We spoke about a wide range of subjects:

  • Memorable moments from high school that made a lasting impression

  • Reflecting on my time as a journalist

  • Transitioning to communications work

  • What it means to be “authentic”

  • Why storytelling is such an important skill

  • And… of course… Prince

Please take a moment to give it a listen and share.

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Brian Lucas
Not All Great Stories Need to be Written

After college, I pursued journalism to feed my love of writing and of telling great stories. Most of the time these two passions go hand in hand. But they don’t always have to.

As I started working in television news I realized sometimes the best way to tell a story isn’t through writing, it’s by helping give a voice to the people involved.

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How Important is Interviewing in College Admissions?

Applying to colleges is inherently stressful. In the heat of the application process it’s easy to forget that this should be an exciting time. It’s not about getting into one coveted college, it’s about opening up to the future and to the possibilities that will unfold. Nevertheless, for many students the pressure of deciding where to apply and then putting forth the best possible application remains.

For students who apply to colleges that require interviews, that pressure can be even greater.

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Don't let perfection become the enemy of good

In 1995, I walked into the Channel 8 newsroom in La Crosse, Wisconsin eager for my first day as a television reporter.  I was assigned to do a live shot from the post office to talk about tax day and the rush of people trying to get their returns filed on time.

I had trained for this moment.  In graduate school we took turns practicing “live shots” over and over again. I was ready to show that I could nail this assignment.

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Joining the Dark Side?  Or helping shine a light?

Nearly twenty years ago I decided to give up being a television reporter to move back home to Minneapolis and join a PR firm. (The photo you see is a screen grab from my final story as a reporter)  

Switching careers was a big decision driven by a wide variety of factors. I had worked hard to follow my dream as a journalist so it was admittedly difficult to make that choice and follow a new path.

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Why Does True Voice Offer Student Coaching?

When I decided to start True Voice Communications, I was particularly excited about the idea of working with students. I’ve always had a secret desire to be a teacher but my career path went in a different direction. True Voice gave me a chance to use the skills I’ve developed to help students who want to learn how to improve their interviewing skills for college, graduate school, internships or other opportunities.

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