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This blog will expand on the various pillars of True Voice Communications: Strategic Communications, Content Development, and Coaching.

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Don't let perfection become the enemy of good

In 1995, I walked into the Channel 8 newsroom in La Crosse, Wisconsin eager for my first day as a television reporter.  I was assigned to do a live shot from the post office to talk about tax day and the rush of people trying to get their returns filed on time.

I had trained for this moment.  In graduate school we took turns practicing “live shots” over and over again. I was ready to show that I could nail this assignment.

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Why Does True Voice Offer Student Coaching?

When I decided to start True Voice Communications, I was particularly excited about the idea of working with students. I’ve always had a secret desire to be a teacher but my career path went in a different direction. True Voice gave me a chance to use the skills I’ve developed to help students who want to learn how to improve their interviewing skills for college, graduate school, internships or other opportunities.

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