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This blog will expand on the various pillars of True Voice Communications: Strategic Communications, Content Development, and Coaching.

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How Important is Interviewing in College Admissions?

Applying to colleges is inherently stressful. In the heat of the application process it’s easy to forget that this should be an exciting time. It’s not about getting into one coveted college, it’s about opening up to the future and to the possibilities that will unfold. Nevertheless, for many students the pressure of deciding where to apply and then putting forth the best possible application remains.

For students who apply to colleges that require interviews, that pressure can be even greater.

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Why Does True Voice Offer Student Coaching?

When I decided to start True Voice Communications, I was particularly excited about the idea of working with students. I’ve always had a secret desire to be a teacher but my career path went in a different direction. True Voice gave me a chance to use the skills I’ve developed to help students who want to learn how to improve their interviewing skills for college, graduate school, internships or other opportunities.

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